Chapel - The crucifix by Louis Laumen of Melbourne Rome Guest House

Domus Australia

The crucifix by Louis Laumen of Melbourne

Louis Laumen created a life-sized, bronze sculpture of the Crucifixion, which was commissioned by Cardinal George Pell in 2007 and originally placed in the Seminary of the Good Shepherd Chapel in Homebush. Cardinal Pell decided that the Crucifix would be better suited above the high altar of the Domus Australia chapel, so it was shipped to Rome early in 2011.

The Crucifix took four months to create – two months making the clay model, and a further two months working with a foundry team to complete the moulding and casting work. Louis works primarily with bronze, and uses an ancient ‘lost-wax-casting’ process, which was developed in China and dates back to 2000 BC.

This process was used by the ancient Greeks, it was used in the Renaissance, and it is still used today because it gets a level of detail that you can’t get in any other process.