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Symbolically, the Logo represents Rome, providing a sense of place, as well as signifying a meeting point between Rome and Australia; the ancient Church and modern Church; the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

The Logo is illustrative of the key Mission of Domus Australia: •Providing a religious and cultural centre based in Rome, allowing Australian tourists to experience a Catholic pilgrimage. •Open to all and especially welcoming for Australian Catholic visitors to Rome. •Providing accommodation and a meeting point for pilgrims as well as information about the Catholic Church in Rome. •Continuing in the ancient tradition of pilgrimage. •Strengthening the link between the Catholic Church in Australia and Catholic Rome.

In creating the Logo for Domus Australia, we considered a number of key elements which needed to be incorporated in some pictorial way – these included a sense of connection to Rome, to Australia and to the Catholic Church – and the logo needed to provide a classical feel and a sense of timelessness.

Inspirationally, the Logo captures the spiritual nature of pilgrimage, the ancient Catholic tradition of pilgrimage, tapping into something beyond travel.   We also needed to consider the location of Domus Australia in Rome and the existing streetscape and architecture, along with the proposed longevity of the Domus, established to create a lasting Australian legacy for the Catholic Church.

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